Invent, Protect, EnforceTM 

Invent, Protect, EnforceTM

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Chicago patent attorneys, trademarks attorneys, and patent agents specializing in intellectual property law (patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and unfair competition)

Experienced with highly complex intellectual property litigation and highly complex prosecution. 

        Hallihan IP Partners, LLC. is a Chicago based intellectual property law firm comprised of trademark attorneys, registered patent attorneys and patent agents that each have many years of experience and work.  Each member of our team is an experienced professional having a medical, scientific, software, or engineering degree.  Several have advanced degrees.  Each has experience working in the medical, scientific, software or engineering fields.  The language skills of our team include French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Serbo-Croatian and Swedish.   

Hallihan IP Partners, LLC
117 N. Jefferson, Suite 200
Chicago, IL 60661
Phone 312-784-3000
Fax 312-223-1515

        Although based in Chicago, our intellectual property attorneys have counseled clients in many other parts of Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, and the rest of the Midwest; Texas and other parts of the United States; and around the world.  Some of our attorneys have a track record of success representing patent defendants in the notoriously plaintiff friendly Eastern District of Texas (Beaumont, Tyler and Lufkin).  We counsel clients on patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, entertainment, Internet issues, computer law, domain name issues, and matters before the US patent and trademark office, various state and federal courts and the US International Trade Commission (ITC).  Our IP specialists have significant experience with highly complex intellectual property litigation and highly complex patent and trademark prosecution.  Members of our team have provided legal and technical counsel to a wide variety of companies, including ASM Industries, Bayer, Baxter, Biorad, Bioran, EcoScience, Ericsson, GE, Ingersoll-Rand, and Pacific Dunlop.  Whether you need to file an application for a patent, trademark or copyright, or are involved in litigation, we have an experienced team for the project.  

        Though relatively modest in size, we offer as good or better quality work than many larger firms, more flexibility, and a more affordable price.  This is due, in part, because each of our intellectual property specialists have many years of experience.  On each project, our philosophy is to assign the project to the best person for the job who can complete it in the most cost efficient manner. 

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